Breast Augmentation Surgeon Revere,Boston

Breast Augmentation Surgeon Revere,Boston

The Ultimate in Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, & Breast Lift

Often times, our self esteem can be impacted by our outward appearance. Our physical characteristics can have a huge impact on our self confidence, our mental stability and our belief in our self worth. For many women, the size, shape and look of their breasts can either boost their self esteem or can drag it down lower and lower. That is one reason women are turning to breast augmentation surgery with breast implants. Over the years however, this procedure has gotten a bit more complicated. There are a number of different options and decisions to be made when considering breast augmentation such as what type of fill – saline or silicone? Do you want a smooth or textured surface implant? What size and shape do you want? So whether it is a breast lift, enlargement or reconstruction, you need to consider all the questions above.

You can choose from a number of different breast implants including shape and fill. You options include saline, silicone -yes they are still available and we will discuss this further, cohesive, soy bean oil, round, tear drop, high profile, low profile and moderate profile. Silicone implants were banned in 1992 but there are discussions taking place that it may be lifted in the near future. Silicone is actually still used today but only for patients in clinical trials who require reconstruction or revision surgery. Once you have decided on the fill, you need to decide the size of your breast augmentation. The best way to describe to your surgeon the size you are looking for is with a picture. They will then be able to guide you in the right direction based on their experience. This same rule applies with a breast lift. Bring in a photo or picture of the look you are after.

When determining the shape of your breast implants, you basically have two options, either round or anatomical or tear drop. It is important to find one that is as natural looking as possible. The last thing you want is for your breast augmentation to look unnatural and out of place. Round implants are actually placed under the muscle and are believed to be more natural looking than tear drop implants. Shaped implants tend to sit in one place which again can make them unnatural looking. A breast lift can also be accompanied by implants. So not only will your breasts sit higher, they can be made larger or more shaped using implants.

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