Breast Augmentation Surgeon Newton,Boston

Breast Augmentation Surgeon Newton,Boston

Breast Augmentation and Simultaneous Breast Lift Benefits

Weight loss, pregnancy, nursing, and time take their toll on a woman’s natural shape. Before long, breasts that were once rounded and shapely become saggy and droopy. All this can cause a woman to become self conscious about her appearance.

A breast augmentation, in conjunction with a lift, can recreate the original shape of the woman’s bust, which in turn can boost self confidence and self esteem. During a simple augmentation an implant is placed behind each breast, either behind the chest muscle or in front of it, causing the bust to protrude further than before.

In an augmentation with a lift, the nipple is repositioned higher up on the chest and any extraneous skin is cut away from the underside, leaving a tighter, higher bosom. If you are hoping that a breast augmentation will recreate the bust of your youth you might want to consider the double procedure, but there are a number of other reasons to consider the more complex surgery.

Prevent further drooping.

A simple breast augmentation can correct a bit of sagging, but surgeons often recommend also doing a lift as a preventative measure. Tightening the skin during the procedure creates firmer skin that can better withstand the trials of time; further sagging will be put off for a few extra years.

Enhance appearance.

While the implant creates a larger chest, the lift allows for a perkier, more youthful look. Tighter skin and a repositioned nipple complement the new size, giving an overall more pleasing and natural effect.

Improve symmetry and shape.

A simple augmentation might not be enough to correct pre-exiting symmetrical or shape issues. To create the most pleasing shape and to make the chest appear symmetrical, a lift might be necessary in conjunction with the augmentation. The more complex surgery allows for more placement and repair control.

Improved body image.

In the case of significant sagging, the nipples can fall below the natural breast fold. In this situation if a lift is not performed the implant either has to be placed behind the breast, which gives the woman a larger, but still droopy bust. When the lift is performed the breasts are positioned in a more attractive youthful place and the entire silhouette is enhanced.

Reverse the ravages of time.

The desire for an augmentation might stem from more than a simple dissatisfaction with the size of the chest. While size might be the main issue, the culprit can also be the droop and sagging that is caused by age and childbearing. All of these factors can lead to severe self esteem self confidence. An augmentation in conjunction with a lift can do wonders towards improving self esteem and enhancing the entire physique.

In conclusion

If you are considering a breast augmentation to counteract how time and children have affected your body, consider asking your surgeon about the added benefits of a lift. Odds are you will be exponentially more satisfied with the result if you opt for the more complex surgery. Your breasts will look more youthful and perky for longer, making the surgery well worth your while.

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