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Breast augmentation can enhance a woman’s shape and proportions and make her feel more confident about her overall physical appearance. If you are considering having breast augmentation, there are important choices you will have to make that will make a big difference in your overall satisfaction of the final results. Once you have decided to have breast implants placed, the next question is, “how big?” and do you opt for silicone or saline implants? Too small and you may not be satisfied with the results, too big and there can be complications that result in you eventually seeking out breast augmentation revision surgery.

Breast augmentation revision is usually a combination of removing the breast implants that are too large and replacing them with smaller ones, and then performing a breast lift to deal with the stretched skin. As a plastic surgeon, I often perform breast augmentation revisions on petite women who didn’t realize the size they selected was too large, (think Heidi Montag). In many cases, the cosmetic surgeon who placed the original implants, didn’t warn her of the complications she would likely face with her selection. I mostly see this problem with women who selected saline breast implants. Women who choose saline implants that are too large for her frame soon realize they are uncomfortable and look too big. Many times, the original augmentation was performed by a “discount” cosmetic surgeon rather than a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Here are the five main points to understand about choosing large breast implants, especially if you are a petite woman:

1. Large implants look disproportionate and make the patient look unbalanced.

2. Large implants in small women make them look fat in their clothes and top-heavy.

3. Large saline implants create more fitting of the skin and more wrinkling and rippling.

4. Large saline implants cause more dissent of the implant overtime and therefore more sagging.

5. Large saline implants, because they cause thinning of the skin, feel like a water-bed.

It is true that some of these changes could happen with large silicone breast implants of equivalent size, however, they are more pronounced with saline breast implants.

To solve this issue and create a more balanced look for each of these women, I removed the larger implants replaced them with an appropriate sized silicone breast implant and then designed the breast lift over this new implant. As I’ve written before, you can make preliminary markings before the surgery but the actual proof is in the operating room. With the new breast implants in place, temporary sutures are placed on the outside of the skin without any incisions and the breast is tailor tacked to the appropriate shape. This process may take several tries until we are able to achieve the ideal shape. At that point, the extra skin is removed and the breast is tightened and lifted.

Breast revisions are never an easy operation but they are very satisfying one for both the patient and the doctor. The difference in comfort, aesthetics, and self-image are amazing. Every single patient that I have converted from saline to silicone implants has commented on how much better they feel. The average breast implant should last 20 to 30 years but if you have a result that you are not happy with, there is no reason to wait that long to change it.

Of course, the best option would have been to choose the right size breast implant from the very beginning. This is why at Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery of Sacramento, I discuss the downside of choosing breast implants that are too large in the first place and in some cases I refuse to place implants that I know the patient will be unhappy with even if she wants them. With this approach, I rarely have to remove implants that I placed and my patients are happy with their results.

Dr. Andrew Kaczynski, of Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery, has been a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for over 25 years. Visit his Website to learn more about breast augmentation and other breast surgery options.

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Breast Augmentation Surgeon Chelsea,Boston

Breast Augmentation Surgeon Chelsea,Boston

How Effective Is Breast Augmentation For Sagging Breast?

With much emphasis being put on beauty and fitness, it can not be denied that women have made their physical appearance as a priority in their agenda. The pressure is on in the schools, in the workplace and even in gatherings for women to be looking gorgeous and confident. They want to be noticed because they look and feel beautiful. They have standards of beauty and fitness that they want to reach so these gives the drive in women look beautiful.

However it can not be avoided that physical beauty fades in time because of various factors. These negative changes in how women look drive their self-esteem down and in the end lose the confidence that was once intact. Being humans that aim for perfection, they find ways and means to remedy beauty imperfections. These imperfections include the sagging of breasts and breasts being small.

Women having sagging breasts, the cosmetic procedure that is normally advised by cosmetic professionals is the breast lift or mastopexy. This procedure would tighten the skin that got stretched around the breast aiming at giving back to the breasts its firmness. This procedure involves several incisions in the skin and some anticipated scarring. Some women do not want scarring because this condition may get prolonged and permanent.

There are products and procedures as well available in the market that treats scars that are the results of incisions of surgical procedures. The consciousness of women to get rid of scars is imminent especially when the woman is in the modeling industry that requires the show of skin. This just shows how small imperfections that is apparently visible matters a lot.

The option that women choose to undergo for breast enhancement is the breast augmentation or breast implant. This is the cosmetic procedure that fills the breast that looked empty to get back the fullness of the breast. The breast implant procedure is a favored surgical process to improve the appearance of the breast.

Cosmetic enhancements are done to improve an imperfection but it has to be understood that these enhancements do not say forever. At some point, there will be procedures of the same kind to further improve what has already been done. In as much as cosmetic surgeons aim at performing a perfect job on a procedure for a woman’s choice enhancement, it can not be avoided that at times, some flaws may happen during the operation and at times could cause side effects.

Whatever procedures are considered, it is a woman’s obligation to thoroughly study the procedure and how effective it will be for her particular need and be sure to hire the services of a competent and experienced medical professional. More than the medical professional, the woman is the only person who knows her body and needs the most. Opting for some cosmetic procedures to be done on a woman’s body is her prerogative. As long as the procedure is safe for the woman and most important is that the woman feels good about it.

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Breast Augmentation Surgeon Newton,Boston

Breast Augmentation Surgeon Newton,Boston

Breast Augmentation and Simultaneous Breast Lift Benefits

Weight loss, pregnancy, nursing, and time take their toll on a woman’s natural shape. Before long, breasts that were once rounded and shapely become saggy and droopy. All this can cause a woman to become self conscious about her appearance.

A breast augmentation, in conjunction with a lift, can recreate the original shape of the woman’s bust, which in turn can boost self confidence and self esteem. During a simple augmentation an implant is placed behind each breast, either behind the chest muscle or in front of it, causing the bust to protrude further than before.

In an augmentation with a lift, the nipple is repositioned higher up on the chest and any extraneous skin is cut away from the underside, leaving a tighter, higher bosom. If you are hoping that a breast augmentation will recreate the bust of your youth you might want to consider the double procedure, but there are a number of other reasons to consider the more complex surgery.

Prevent further drooping.

A simple breast augmentation can correct a bit of sagging, but surgeons often recommend also doing a lift as a preventative measure. Tightening the skin during the procedure creates firmer skin that can better withstand the trials of time; further sagging will be put off for a few extra years.

Enhance appearance.

While the implant creates a larger chest, the lift allows for a perkier, more youthful look. Tighter skin and a repositioned nipple complement the new size, giving an overall more pleasing and natural effect.

Improve symmetry and shape.

A simple augmentation might not be enough to correct pre-exiting symmetrical or shape issues. To create the most pleasing shape and to make the chest appear symmetrical, a lift might be necessary in conjunction with the augmentation. The more complex surgery allows for more placement and repair control.

Improved body image.

In the case of significant sagging, the nipples can fall below the natural breast fold. In this situation if a lift is not performed the implant either has to be placed behind the breast, which gives the woman a larger, but still droopy bust. When the lift is performed the breasts are positioned in a more attractive youthful place and the entire silhouette is enhanced.

Reverse the ravages of time.

The desire for an augmentation might stem from more than a simple dissatisfaction with the size of the chest. While size might be the main issue, the culprit can also be the droop and sagging that is caused by age and childbearing. All of these factors can lead to severe self esteem self confidence. An augmentation in conjunction with a lift can do wonders towards improving self esteem and enhancing the entire physique.

In conclusion

If you are considering a breast augmentation to counteract how time and children have affected your body, consider asking your surgeon about the added benefits of a lift. Odds are you will be exponentially more satisfied with the result if you opt for the more complex surgery. Your breasts will look more youthful and perky for longer, making the surgery well worth your while.

The most difficult part of breast surgery is finding a qualified and competent breast enhancement surgeon. San Francisco cosmetic surgeon creates excellent results, as the respect of colleagues and patients attests.

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Breast Augmentation Surgeon Quincy,Boston

Breast Augmentation Surgeon Quincy,Boston

Breast Augmentation – Breast Implants Or Breast Reduction

Now a day lots of women around the world are unable to wear swim suit, which is suitable to their body because due to sagging breasts. This could be happens with the following reasons, aging,Pregnant and Breast feeding. The solution for this is breast augmentation,implants or reduction. There are many options and considerations when deciding to have breast augmentation. Along with deciding what type of implants you want and what size,you will decide how you want the implants placed in your breasts.

The sub glandular placement allows for more cleavage because the implants sit closer together. This placement is not recommended for women with little breast tissue. The breast implants will be more noticeable. Slimmer women who wish to have sub glandular placement should choose to have gel breast implants because they better mimic the texture of natural breast tissue.

The Sub muscular Placement,in this treatment the breast implants are placed under the muscles in the breasts. The implants are well covered and do not show easily.This Placement is a great choice for women who are Slimmer, Have very thin breast tissue, have little breast tissue.The dual plane placement positions the top of the implant below the muscle and the bottom of the implant sits below the breast tissue.This placement solves several issues.The implants will not sit as high as in sub muscular placement and it will cover the implant so it is not visible like in sub glandular placement.

Before deciding to undergo breast augmentation,you have to consult with an experienced breast surgeon. It is important for you to understand your choices in breast implant placement, and incision placement before having the procedure. Only an experienced breast surgeon will be able to guide you through these decisions and help you decide what choices will work best for your body type and goals.

Each plastic surgeon seems to approach the question of breast implant size differently. Some will ask their patient to leave the decision entirely up to the doctor while others ask for patient involvement in the decision. The key is really to communicate your breast size goals with the doctor and there is no better way than to show them on your own body. Invest in breast sizer and wear them to your consultation so that you can literally show them what you want your breasts to look like. Showing, after all, is better than telling.

It is clear that Florida breast augmentation is here to stay. Each year it seems it becomes more popular. If you are interested in breast augmentation do not take the decision too lightly. As an invasive procedure this is not a simple commodity that you are buying, but rather a body altering procedure. Try on implant sizer,talk with friends and research the procedure thoroughly.

Get more information on Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery, Florida cosmetic surgery, Florida breast augmentation, Florida breast implants, Florida breast reduction, Florida face lift, Florida liposuction, Florida rhinoplasty and Florida tummy tuck at the Drsachse website.

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Breast Augmentation Surgeon Revere,Boston

Breast Augmentation Surgeon Revere,Boston

The Ultimate in Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, & Breast Lift

Often times, our self esteem can be impacted by our outward appearance. Our physical characteristics can have a huge impact on our self confidence, our mental stability and our belief in our self worth. For many women, the size, shape and look of their breasts can either boost their self esteem or can drag it down lower and lower. That is one reason women are turning to breast augmentation surgery with breast implants. Over the years however, this procedure has gotten a bit more complicated. There are a number of different options and decisions to be made when considering breast augmentation such as what type of fill – saline or silicone? Do you want a smooth or textured surface implant? What size and shape do you want? So whether it is a breast lift, enlargement or reconstruction, you need to consider all the questions above.

You can choose from a number of different breast implants including shape and fill. You options include saline, silicone -yes they are still available and we will discuss this further, cohesive, soy bean oil, round, tear drop, high profile, low profile and moderate profile. Silicone implants were banned in 1992 but there are discussions taking place that it may be lifted in the near future. Silicone is actually still used today but only for patients in clinical trials who require reconstruction or revision surgery. Once you have decided on the fill, you need to decide the size of your breast augmentation. The best way to describe to your surgeon the size you are looking for is with a picture. They will then be able to guide you in the right direction based on their experience. This same rule applies with a breast lift. Bring in a photo or picture of the look you are after.

When determining the shape of your breast implants, you basically have two options, either round or anatomical or tear drop. It is important to find one that is as natural looking as possible. The last thing you want is for your breast augmentation to look unnatural and out of place. Round implants are actually placed under the muscle and are believed to be more natural looking than tear drop implants. Shaped implants tend to sit in one place which again can make them unnatural looking. A breast lift can also be accompanied by implants. So not only will your breasts sit higher, they can be made larger or more shaped using implants.

Amy-Jo Strutt is a successful writer and regular contributor to – An online resource to help you find the very best information on all forms of cosmetic surgery. []

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Breast Augmentation Surgeon Winthrop,Boston

Breast Augmentation Surgeon Winthrop,Boston

Breast Augmentation and Implants – Are You Thinking About It?

If you are a female and have thought about getting breast augmentation then you should ask yourself what the reasons are. Sure, a boob job can change a person’s life but no one ever thinks about some of the risks and consequences of plastic surgeries. You might hear stories of breast implants gone wrong but no one ever thinks it would happen to them. We know that the majority of movie stars have breast augmentation but there are many that choose to go natural even if it risks their job. If you are thinking about getting this done then there are more things you should research before the costs. Before you go into it any further find out what risks you are taking and see if you are a good candidate.

Having any kind of cosmetic surgery is very expensive and very unaffordable for average people. Many people manage to get this done especially when it is beneficial for their health. Those who need cosmetic surgeries are people with burns or other deformities. Some women have naturally very large breasts that ache their backs and get in the way of their daily activities. These women will opt for breast reduction in order to live normally. People like this have good reason to take the chances to better their life. Other reasons that may not in the best reasons is to improve your look to please others. This would be the worse reason especially if you already have a decent sized bust.

Some believe it isn’t worth risking your health and possibly your life just to lift your bust and make them plumper. Although most natural breasts may not look as attractive, at least they are natural. You might like to hear that it’s very rare for a woman to have the perfectly shaped breasts. Most are too small, or too big, or too saggy.

There are other ways you can enlarge your bust or even lift them naturally. There are some foods that will do the job for you. Some ladies find that a breast massage promotes breast enlargement. If yours are already a little too big, sometimes all you need is a good diet and exercise to shrink them. Other things that will help you lift them are chest exercises like push ups. Anything that will work your upper body will strengthen your chest muscles and improve your looks.

If you are still curious about breast augmentation and implant prices then I can tell you it will cost on average of $8000. Remember that it would always be best to try to get the look you want naturally before opting to go under the knife.

Cynthia writes online about breast augmentation costs and also writes about breast implant costs.

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Breast Augmentation Surgeon Everett,Boston

Breast Augmentation Surgeon Everett,Boston

Breast augmentation surgery enhances the shape and size of a woman’s breasts, using breast implants. Women choose to have breast augmentation surgery to enhance the contours of their body, to correct loss of breast volume following pregnancy, to make their breasts symmetrical, and for other reasons. With breast augmentation surgery, a woman’s bust line can be increased by one or more cup sizes.

At The Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville in Tennessee, we perform breast augmentation surgery with saline breast implants, though silicone breast implants are available to women participating in certain FDA-approved studies.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

At our cosmetic surgery practice in Nashville, Tennessee, breast augmentation surgery is performed with general anesthesia. The breast augmentation surgeon will make the surgical incision along the crease on the underside of the breast or around the areola. The breast augmentation surgeon works through the incision, creating a pocket behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscle to accommodate the breast implant.

Breast augmentation surgery will require an hour to two hours to complete. The incisions will be closed using stitches, though bandages, tape, and gauze may be applied for support and to assist with healing.

After Breast Augmentation Surgery

At The Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville in Tennessee, the breast augmentation surgeon and our staff will monitor your progress after surgery. In order to remove excess fluid, drainage tubes may be inserted for several days. You may feel tired and sore for a few days after breast augmentation surgery, but you should be mobile in one to two days. Gauze and surgical dressing will be removed within a few days, at which time you may change to a soft cup bra. Any sutures that do not dissolve on their own will be removed in seven to 10 days. During the first two weeks, your nipples may experience a burning sensation. This will subside as post-surgical bruising begins to fade. Swelling after breast augmentation surgery may persist for three to five weeks with implants placed under the breast gland. In breast augmentation where the implants are placed under the muscle, swelling may persist significantly longer, approximately three to five months.


Most patients return to work a few days after breast augmentation surgery, depending on the amount of activity their job requires. During the first two to three weeks, your breasts will be very sensitive to direct stimulation. If your breasts are no longer sore after three to four weeks, breast contact should be fine. No heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling with the upper body is recommended for at least two weeks after breast augmentation surgery. We discourage any activity that causes an increase in your heart rate or blood pressure for the first two weeks. After breast augmentation surgery, the surgical scars will appear pink and firm for six weeks. The surgical scars may appear to widen or remain the same size for several months. They will eventually fade, though they will not disappear completely. If you should experience any serious complications during your recovery period, contact our Nashville, Tennessee office to speak with a breast augmentation surgeon.

Potential Risks

At our cosmetic surgery office in Nashville, Tennessee, we perform breast augmentation surgery often, and usually achieve excellent results. Yet, as with other types of surgery, there are a number of potential risks.

One of the more common complications following breast augmentation surgery is called capsular contracture, which occurs when the capsule or scar around a breast implant tightens, causing a woman’s breast to feel abnormally hard. The condition is treatable. Other complications after breast augmentation surgery that may require a second operation include excessive bleeding or infection. Oversensitive, undersensitive, or numb nipples are other infrequent but possible complications.

There is a chance that a breast implant will break. If a saline breast implant leaks or breaks, the implant will drain completely within a few hours and your body will absorb the salt water harmlessly. If a silicone gel-filled implant breaks, you may not detect the leak if the scar tissue around the breast implant remains intact. If the scar tissue does break or tear, however, the silicone gel may migrate into the surrounding tissue. If a saline or silicone implant breaks, you will require a second operation to replace the leaking implant. If your implant breaks, contact our office in Nashville, Tennessee to speak with a breast augmentation surgeon.

Some breast augmentation patients have experienced symptoms of arthritis-like conditions and immune system diseases. As of now, researchers have found no clear link between symptoms of connective-tissue disorders and silicone breast implants. The FDA is currently conducting further studies on the matter.

Though current evidence does not show a link between breast augmentation surgery and breast cancer, breast implants can alter the way a mammography is performed in order to detect breast cancer. Trained radiologists will need to perform special displacement techniques as breast implants may obscure breast tissue on some views.

Article taken from, the leading source for Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation Information, courtesy of Mary Gingrass, M.D. and Melinda Haws, M.D.

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Breast Augmentation Surgeon Malden,Boston

Breast Augmentation Surgeon Malden,Boston

Aesthetic plastic surgery, also known as cosmetic surgery, has gained tremendous popularity over the past 15 years and the number of procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, has increased by 200-300%.

We are fortunate, as with this increase in popularity, there has been tremendous improvement in technique, allowing plastic surgeons to obtain reproducible and natural results in most cases.

But what age is “too old” for plastic surgery?  There is no black and white answer to this question, as each individual is different.  Certainly there have been many patients in their seventies and even eighties who have had facial plastic surgery.  The same is true for other procedures as well.  Recently, I performed a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) on a spritely 65 year old female.  After taking care of every one else in her family, she decided it was time to take care of herself!

If a patient has common medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) which are well controlled, the risk of complications are very low.  A recent article from the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery looked at advanced age and safety of ambulatory (out patient) surgery.  The article states, “In sum, although various data illustrate that older age”(over 65 years of age) “can modestly increase the risk of intraoperative and/or postoperative complications associated with ambulatory surgery, this risk is arguably not great enough to constitute a contraindication to ambulatory surgery based on advanced age alone.”

There has also been data on the risk of death from general anesthesia in an outpatient setting.  The risk of death from general anesthesia in this setting is 1 in 50,000.  Assuming a plastic surgeon performs 500 cases per year under general anesthesia (I am not aware of any plastic surgeon with such a high volume of procedures), it will take 100 years to reach 50,000 cases!  In comparison, the risk of death while driving is 1 in 5,000 (which is ten times higher).  To achieve this low risk, however, requires the patient to be medically cleared for surgery, the surgery be performed in an accredited surgery center, with a board certified plastic surgeon who is well-trained and safe.

Fortunately, many procedures can also be performed under local anesthesia, reducing the complication rate even lower.  Procedures such as liposuction, upper and lower eye lid surgery, some types of face lifts, ear set-back surgery, chin augmentation, mini tummy tuck, mole removal and certain types of lasers for facial rejuvenation can be performed under local anesthesia.  In addition to higher safety, there is an additional benefit of lower cost to the patient as there is no anesthesiologist or surgery center fees.

Breast Augmentation Surgeon Somerville,Boston

Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Somerville,Boston

As an Orange County Plastic Surgeon, I am asked this question frequently.  It is time to put this myth to death! Consider me the breast implant “myth busters”! – breast augmentation

I am not sure how the facts became twisted, but here is the truth.  If you have had a breast augmentation with or without a lift in the past 8 years and the implant was made by either Mentor or Allergan (formerly called McGhan), there is a LIFE TIME warranty on the implant if a leak occurs.  Up to ten years from the time of surgery, both companies will also pay towards the cost of the breast augmentation Currently, there are two warranties for saline implants: standard and extended.  The standard warranty will cover up to $1200 towards the cost of the procedure. The coverage increases to $2400 for the extended warranty.  For silicone implants, the most recent warranty is $3500.

After ten years, both companies will NOT cover any costs related to the procedure.  If your implant is more than 7 years old, it’s best to contact the company and confirm the terms of the warranty, as it may have been different.

I hope this clarifies any confusion regarding the ten year replacement fear.  If your implants are soft and look and feel natural, and there are no medical conditions such as breast cancer, leave those implants alone!

I also want to emphasize the importance of asking for your implant warranty card after your surgery.  Most reliable surgery centers place the implant serial number and volume on the card and it should be given to the patient before discharge.  I do keep track of all this information as well.  However, some surgeons don’t.  If your implant should deflate at any time, having your implant information will make it much easier for the surgeon to find the correct replacement.

Breast augmentation surgeon Cambridge,Boston

Breast augmentation surgeon Cambridge,Boston

Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States We routinely receive inquires, either by phone or e-mail, about our prices for this procedure. Breast Augmentation surgeon

I, therefore, decided to write about cosmetic surgery and pricing.  Please note, since our practice is located in Orange County, California, the prices described here reflect the economy of Southern California and may not apply to other states or even Northern California.  However, the principles about pricing shall remain the same regardless of geography.

Being a wine aficionado, I will use wine pricing for comparison, as everyone can relate to wine.

I am going to use the 100 point rating system, popularized by wine critic Robert Parker.  A wine rated 90-94 is excellent.  A 95-100 point wine is considered a classic wine.  Obviously a 100 point wine is considered perfect, and there have been wines which have received this score by Parker and other critics.

In general, due to cost of doing business, it is rare to find a red wine under $10 dollars which rates 90 or above by most critics.  The same is true for white wines as well.  From $10-20, there are many options, both red and white, for wines rating 90 or above.  Obviously, the chance of buying a wine rated 90 or more is higher if the wine costs $100 or more.  However, there are many wines in that price range which do not rate that high.  The price of a wine is determined by the economy (wages) of that country, the currency exchange rate, and most importantly the demand for that wine.  For example, over the past ten years, the price of First Growth Bordeaux wines has increased from $200-300 a bottle to $2000 or more!  This is due to new wealth from Russia, China, and India purchasing these wines (mainly as a trophy) thus increasing the demand in relation to supply.  In a good to great vintage, many of these wines are extraordinary and will rate 94 or above.  Are you as a consumer, willing to pay an extra $1980 per bottle for a 5-10% subjective increase in quality? Only you can answer this question.

The same applies to cosmetic surgical pricing.  My recommendation is to find the best quality at the lowest price.  Like every thing else, breast augmentation pricing in your local area will follow a bell-shaped curve.  The price range for breast augmentation in Orange County and Los Angeles County can be as low as $2700 and as high as $10,000.  Many of these lower prices are either by cosmetic surgeons not originally trained as plastic surgeons, or have had disciplinary action by the Medical Board of California (public records are available on their web-site).  The higher prices are typically charged by surgeons who are publicly visible, mostly through television, and the higher cost reflects the cost of advertising.  Is it worth paying $10,000 for a breast augmentation?  See the paragraph above for comparison.

Now there are patients who must buy “so and so” bag or shoe, regardless of cost, mainly to impress their peers, and these patients will probably do the same for cosmetic surgery as well.

I hope most of you are savvier than this!  In my opinion, a price range of $4500-5500 for saline implant breast augmentation and $5500-6500 for silicone implant will give you the highest chance of obtaining quality work at a reasonable price.  The price range has to do more with geography than any other reason.  The cost of doing business is higher in Newport Beach than Anaheim and this will be reflected in the final price.  Regardless of the cost, however, it is up to the patient to do his/her homework and most importantly, to like the surgeon’s work (most surgeons in Southern California post before and after photos on-line).