Breast Augmentation Surgeon East Greenbush Albany,New York

Breast Augmentation Surgeon East GreenBush Albany,New York

Breast Augmentation is also clinically known as Augmentation mammoplasty, or more colloquially, as a ‘boob job’. Breast Augmentation surgery is where breast implants or fat, which is known as fat transfer Breast Augmentation, is used to increase the size of a woman’s breasts. It can also restore breast volume which is a procedure that is often used after weight reduction or pregnancy. The process involves inserting a breast implant along with a fat graft mammoplasty in order for the breast to increase with size. It also changes the shape and the texture of the women’s breasts. Breast Augmentation procedures are intended to primarily reconstruct and augment the overall appearance of the woman’s chest area. They may also be implemented for breast reconstruction following an injury or mastectomy which is where one or both breasts have been removed. This type of

procedure is also commonly used to repair a chest wound which is caused by surgical removal of a cancerous tumor from the breast. In circumstances such as these, the breasts will be reconstructed through the process of Breast Augmentation.

The implant, which is inserted into the breast, is either filled with a saline solution or silicone-gel. The surgery can include the application of skin flaps which have been transplanted and taken from other parts of the woman’s body. This specific approach of fat-graft transfer, will act in the same way. Augmenting the size of the breasts and correcting contours and the overall breast shape, excess grafts and fat tissue is taken from the woman’s body. It is common that fat-graft Breast Augmentation will increase the woman’s brassiere cup-size.



There are many other plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments aimed at enhancing the natural shape and size of a woman’s breast.